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The demented Dr. Rick Savage is taking appointments for the Den of Iniquitys medical examination room and his first patient is a beautiful young asian girl named Cheryl. Within minutes our helpless victim is tied to a walker and after checking her sopping wet pussy with a vicous dose of twat torture. After a painful flogging, Cheryls labia is probed with freezing cold metal ice tongs and decorated with clips chains and clothes-pins. Using all of the medical equipment at his disposal, Dr. Savage binds the lovely Cheryl to a whellchair. Bent over, she endures an extreme dose of of ass punishment. She is spanked through her innocent looking white panties, then a wooden paddle is used on her bare cherry red ass cheeks. Finally, our submissive is tied totally nude and spread eagled to an examination table with forceps holding her pussy lips wide open, as Dr. Savage duct tapes a virbrator between them. NEXT PATIENT!
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