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Terrible Ballbusting Pain

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Rosalind, a refined, 42 year old librarian from NY demonstrates that she has a serious affinity for pain. Quotes from Master Rick Savage: "This video contains the most intense, graphic action of any S&M video I have ever made! It contains extremely hard spanking and the most severe nipple torture I have ever witnessed in ANY S&M". As the video begins , simply the act of stripping before the camera , is obviously humiliating to Rosalind. After she is placed in bondage, she is taken "over the knee" for a hard fast paced spanking. After Savage reddens her ass cheeks with the palm of his hand, he pulls out a wooden hair brush, and a wooden sports paddle. Rosalinds ass is literally paddled purple right before our eyes. In the final scene, strong twine is tied to Rosalinds erect nipples and a heavy surprise weight is attached. As the weight increases, our view is breathtaking as her taut.
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